Welcome to SpigotProtect,
an AntiPiracy solution for MC plugins!

We try to provide the best protection against leakers. We offer a custom solution for automatic encryption and obfuscation. Let's make piracy a thing of the past!

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Feel free to crack this sample .jar file, download here, good luck!

Example protected plugin

- JavaDeobfuscator currently doesn't work on this - round 3 samczsun
- Bytecode-Viewer fails, doesn't even show any bytecode
- Krakatau gets stuck on every single method, which means it never produces any output to look at.
- Luyten shows empty classes (as shown in the picture above)
- JD-gui shows empty classes
- CFR shows empty classes
- Procyon shows empty classes - sometimes times out
- Fernflower fails to decompile most of the code
- Enigma fails to deobfuscate, and shows empty classes
- Helios never seems to show any decompiled results, times out I think
- JavaDecompilers.com - Everything fails or shows blank classes
- DirtyJOE throws an error when opening the jar, never loads anything ;)

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